Picture Books

Scary Night

Lesley Gibbes & Stephen Michael King

Working Title Press- Harper Collins Australia 2014

Once upon a scary night three friends set out on a journey. Hare with hat. Cat with a cake and Pig with parcel. But where were they going in the dead of the night, tip-toe creeping in the pale moonlight? It was a mystery!

Honour Book CBCA 2015 Book of the Year – Early Childhood

Shortlisted 2015 Speech Pathology Australia's Book of the Year Awards - 3-5 years

ISBN 978 1 921504 63 1

Rights Available: World rights excluding ANZ, Brazil and China

'Gibbes takes the reader on an interactive, heart-stopping, fear-facing journey with a deliciously reassuring ending.' SMH

Bring A Duck

Lesley Gibbes & Sue de Gennaro

Scholastic Press 2015

Birthday party at my place. Bring your own duck. Bear has never been to a duck party before! Whatever happens, it's sure to be fantastic, fabulous, feather-tickling fun!

ISBN 9 781743 625828

Rights Available: World rights excluding ANZ

'fantastic, fabulous, feather-tickling fun! Highly recommended'  

Margaret Hamilton AM

Quick as a Wink Fairy Pink

Lesley Gibbes & Sara Acton

Working Title Press- Harper Collins Australia 2016

Five little flutter fairies going off to bed. Fairy Blue, Fairy Green, Fairy Gold and Red.

But one of them is hiding. Which fairy do you think?

ISBN 978 1 921504 86 0

Rights Available: World rights excluding ANZ , Harper Collins 360 UK

'Guaranteed to bring a smile to the hardest grown-up heart.'


Little Bear's First Sleep

Lesley Gibbes & Lisa Stewart

Scholastic Press 2016

It is time for Little Bear's first winter sleep. He tosses and turns and wriggles about the cave. He counts his toes in the moonlight. But he can't get to sleep. His mother breathes softly. His father snores deeply. So Little Bear snuggles between them both and finally falls asleep...

CBCA Book of the Year: Early Childhood Notable Book 2017

ISBN 9781743624012

Rights Available: World rights excluding ANZ and China

'A perfect read-aloud for bedtime.'

​The Book Chook


Lesley Gibbes & Michelle Dawson

Working Title Press -Harper Collins Australia 2017

In 2012 a southern right whale gave birth to a calf in Sydney Harbour.

It was only the third time in recorded history that a southern right whale had been born in the harbour, and the people of Sydney were entranced.

The story of Fluke is based on this event.

Wilderness Society Australia Environment Award for Children's Literature Shortlisted 2018

Whitley Award Winner Young Children's Book 2018

ISBN 9781921504891

Rights Available: World rights excluding ANZ

'heartwarming in its celebration of community and humanity.'


Poppy's Special Talent

Lesley Gibbes & Tamsin Ainslie

Acacia Ridge Early Years Centre and Kindergarten Benevolent Society

Proudly funded and supported by the Queensland government 2017 and part of the Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, Australia.

Everyone in Poppy's kindergarten has a special talent, everyone except Poppy. With the help of her kindergarten teacher Shirley, Poppy discovers a very special talent of her own.

Bouncing Bouncing Little Joeys

A Bush Christmas

Lesley Gibbes & Doris Chang

Hachette 2017

Bouncing, bouncing, little joeys.

Bouncing, one two, three.

It's Christmas time and Santa's coming.

time to trim the tree!

ISBN 9780734417558

Rights Available: World rights excluding ANZ

'A warm-and-fuzzy Christmas picture book to charm the whole family.'


Three Little Mermaids

Lesley Gibbes & Lisa Stewart

Scholastic Press 

Coming soon 2019


Lesley Gibbes & Judy Watson

Walker Books

Nature Storybook Series

Coming soon 2019

Dinosaur Dads

Lesley Gibbes & Marjorie Crosby-Fairall

Scholastic Press

Coming Soon 2019/2020